Saturday, August 24, 2019

Wander the West Gathering
July, 15, 2019

Thanks to ski3pin and everyone else who helped organize this event, we had a great time at the 2019 Wander the West gathering in the Crystal Basin area of the El Dorado National Forest, which took place from July 15-17, 2019.

There was a very nice turnout and it was nice to be able to catch up with old friends and meet a lot of new ones.

Although the weather was hot, the camp area was underneath the tall pines and you could always find a slice of shade--even if you have to move your chair to do it.

The first night, everyone got their rigs set up and we were all able to settle in, relax and visit with one another.

On Tuesday morning, one group went hiking, another group hung around camp and a few others explored the area on foot or by bike.

On Tuesday evening, everyone pitched in and we had a terrific pot luck dinner.  There was fire roasted corn, salads, soups and a variety of  hors d'oevres (yes I had to look up the spelling of that last one).  We were even totally spoiled with fresh hot cobbler and ice cream! 

There's nothing like food & drink to bring people closer and camp food does even a better job of it.  

Julie is shucked the corn for us all (didn't I mention we were spoiled...)

After eating way more than any of us should have, we sat around and visited until darkness fell over the campground and then we all retired to out little campers for the night.

Below are pictures of all the rigs that were at the gathering.  I apologize for not getting everyone's name to place under their respective camper, but I still wanted to show them all off.

This was Marty's (owner of All Terrain Campers) custom rig.  
It was really nice and sooooo roomy.

 The ski3pin's

 My humble abode

This was a very nice event and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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